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An Unintended Sabbatical and Some Blog News

Hello, everyone! I know I have been gone for a while now and I am thankful to pop back in your inbox. While I kept semi-active on social media, I needed a break. I did not anticipate stepping away for so long, but life happened. Before I knew it, I ended up taking an unintended sabbatical… 

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? Sometimes you wish you could hit the pause button on life and have some time to collect your thoughts and gain perspective… Unfortunately, there is no such pause button, so we must do the next best thing: pull back on some areas while we keep moving with the rest, and ask God for grace, wisdom, and perspective. So that’s what I did. 

During that time God was pulling me to the subject of spiritual growth and to study the Bible in Spanish. As I did, God grew in me the desire to write in Spanish. I always had the intention to do so but it was not in my plans to start now. I was very skeptical about blogging in Spanish, but God confirmed it was time. 

So, while I was “away”, I started working on the Spanish blog. Even though I could have just translated Precious in Him, I sensed I needed to do something different. And so, Veredas de Gracia was born. That means Paths of Grace. 

What about Precious in Him?

I’m not retiring it, but I am scaling back for now. I just launched the Spanish blog and know it will take a lot of work to get it going. I sense this is where I need to focus my efforts. I will write at Precious in Him but not as frequently as I used to.

I know I have some Hispanic readers here, so I want to invite you to come visit and subscribe to Veredas de Gracia.  If I can be so bold, I also invite you to share it with others you think might benefit from the material on the blog. 

If you speak English but have Spanish-speaking friends, please send them over! I did find there are nearly not as many Christian blogs in Spanish for women… I want to be part of the few that are available. Help me spread the message!

For His Glory,

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